DPS Legal Cloud


What is the dpscloud?

dpscloud is a hosted IT solution tailored to the specific needs of the modern legal firm. The benefits of managed IT are numerous and clear but DPS understand that when it comes to legal firms a one-size-fits-all managed IT solution is unlikely to meet their industry-specific requirements.

For a decade DPS have been developing their hosted solutions for law firms and the dpscloud fully-managed hosted service is the result - all the IT needs of a legal firm met by a single solution.

As well as looking through the dpscloud website, you can find out everything you need to know about this solution and what it can do for your firm by downloading our White Paper on Cloud Computing here.

How is it tailored to law firms and what's included?

Law firms have specific software, hosted service and compliance requirements. The full-service hosted solution from dpscloud caters to these through the following features:


  • DPS case management, legal accounts & digital dictation software. Fully updated and maintained.
  • Private Cloud model provides hosted service from our secure UK datacentre. You always know where your data and applications are stored.
  • Citrix, Windows & operating system all updated automatically by DPS.
  • MS Exchange, Office and SQL products all managed and archived periodically.
  • High-level anti-spam and anti-virus software guards systems against threats.
  • Home and remote access from any device. 24/7 access to data.

What difference will a dpscloud managed system make to my working day?

With dpscloud your desktop effectively lives on a server in the DPS datacentre and through the internet is delivered to your machine in your office. New high-bandwidth internet lines mean speed is not affected and all the applications you need to carry out your day-to-day work are available on your hosted system. If anything, your working day will be enhanced by always having up to date software at your fingertips along with the capability to work from anywhere.

Is it secure?

In a word - yes. In a few more words - it's far more secure than traditional on-premise IT.

Security is of paramount concern to most businesses handling personal and/or sensitive information and this is certainly true for the legal profession. It is no surprise then that the concept of cloud computing carries security fears for many law firms but the dpscloud model can allay these and indeed, can implement data security measures and policies that simply could not be matched through an on-premise solution.

The Private Cloud Model:

Most of these security fears stem from the 'Public Cloud' model where data would disperse across different providers' servers. The owner of that data would not know where servers are and therefore where there data is stored.

This is not a problem with dpscloud as it works on a private cloud model. Within our own secure datacentre DPS specify with clients exactly which equipment will be dedicated to storing their data.

This model carries the added benefit for law firms that, as per Law Society recommendations, your data does not leave the UK and in turn this means compliance issues relating to this matter are nullified.



Is it reliable?

dpscloud hosted solutions are all provided under a 99.9% uptime service level agreement. All maintenance is carried out outside of business hours and clients are made aware well in advance of scheduled work. As long as they have a connection to the internet dpscloud clients can access their hosted desktop from wherever and whenever they like.