The Benefits
Why should your firm be considering the DPSLegalCloud?
Focus on Legal Work
The days are gone when legal firms could afford to employ entire IT departments dedicated to supporting their systems. In 2011 firms and their staff must be focused on their core legal work to achieve efficiency and growth. IT is essential but not core just like utilities in your office – electricity is essential but it’s not likely that you own your own power plant!
The ‘Desktop in The Cloud’ – PMS + Microsoft down the line & updated automatically
For most solicitors and staff at legal firms there are certain software applications that have now become essential to their working day. For example, their practice or case management system, Microsoft Office with programs such as Word and Excel, and Microsoft Outlook for their emails. With hosted IT solutions your entire desktop can be hosted on our servers and delivered through your internet connection.
Fixed monthly costs – easy to budget
At any time, but especially during a period of austerity, an element of certainty in your overheads can allow for accurate budgeting and cash flow planning. Through DPS hosting you pay fixed monthly costs and avoid the unexpected costs that are often associated with maintenance of an IT infrastructure.
The hosted model provides an IT infrastructure for your firm that offers scalability beyond anything offered by more traditional methods of delivering a system. At any time user licences can be added and as the model is charged for on a per head basis increases in your fixed costs will only occur as the company grows.
Business Continuity and Improved Operational Capabilities
Business Continuity (BC) has become increasingly important to all businesses and law firms are no different. In fact, with time-sensitive processes and clients placing a lot of trust in their solicitor to deal with important matters, legal firms are amongst those businesses where a solid BC policy is most critical.

With a hosted solution from DPS Software you can also provide your staff with remote working capabilities – if weather or some other unforeseen event means they can’t make it to the office or if a lot of their work is field-based they can still access and work on their case files.

You can also put your trust in the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) offered by DPS which range from between 99% to 99.9% uptime depending on the options selected by the client. Your data will be accessible and it will also be protected by top of the range anti-spam and anti-virus software.

Disaster Recovery
Going hand-in-hand with business continuity are your firm’s disaster recovery capabilities and hosting with DPS allows you to rest assured you have a high-level policy in place. According to a study by Gartner ‘43% of firms that experience a disaster never reopen and 51% close within 2 years – Just 6% survive long term.’

Disasters are (thankfully) rare but it’s stats like these from Gartner that mean you need to be prepared for the worst and thanks to our secure climate-controlled data centre, regular back-ups and off-site storage of backed-up coupled with remote-working capabilities, your firm has the infrastructure needed to recover should it happen.

Feel Secure – All data and applications stored in our own UK Headquarters’ Datacentre
The benefits of hosted IT are clear but at DPS we appreciate that ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions and the idea of a Public Cloud do not cater to the specific requirements of legal firms. DPSCloud provides you with a Private Cloud – this provides all the benefits of cloud computing but leaves you feeling safe in the knowledge that your data and applications are stored securely in the UK in our headquarters’ datacentre.